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Chaos Hell Canon

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Ok, so this weekend something amazing happened. I was visiting a local con with some of my friends. And out of nowhere my friend M decided to buy me a Chaos Hell Canon as a gift. A very generous, thoughtful and amazing gift that i'm very happy about, and i really don't know how to show my appreciation. So if you read this, thanks a million times!


Anyways, now i have to paint and assemble it and wreck havoc among my enemies. The big question is how to paint it, what colors to use? And how to go about this business. It's got a lot of diffrent parts so i reccon i need to paint some of them separatly and attach the parts as i go. It's all metal, with some gaps to fill with grey stuff.

I'm thinking of priming it white, and give it a first wash with devlan mud just to get the details visible and go from there. I imagine a lot of flesh from the sould fed to the deamon inside the canon and brass metal that the corrupt chaos dwarves have cast as a cascet for the entraped, raging fiend inside. 


Anyone with tips and ideas are welcome to share.

For anyone who doesen't know what it looks like, here is a pic from GW. 

GW Hell Canon.jpg 

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