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Hi! I painted my first mini more than 20 years ago. But at that time my technique was quite poor. Futhermore I used oil paints instead of akril and was disappointed by the result. So, frankly speaking I've being painting seriously for about two years, when I felt that should share my achievements with someone else besides my friends and family. And here am I writing my first post. 

Well, I'm focused on LOTR minis by GW. There are at least three reasons for that: 

1) "The Lord of the Rings" impressed me when I was a boy, and about 15 years later I watched the film with great pleasure. 

2) LOTR minis may seem monotounos if compared to other game systems. But I like them for the realistic look. Heroes with huge blades which are twice bigger than a man can hold or wargirls with iron bras and fur panties are not for me. I think they are a little bit clumsy.

3) I noticed the LOTR box-set in the shop at first :-) 

That's the story. 


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