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Redemption of Boromir

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Completed. This is my first LOTR miniature painted to any meaningful standards







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Painting and Modelling , WIPs


  1. Observer's Avatar
    Nice work. Looking at pale face of Boromir it's no doubt he is almost dead. In my opinion the impression would be even more if you showed killed enemies around instead of throwing Urukhai shields and a helmet. Looking forward for other LOTR miniatures painted by you. By the way how did you make the base? I mean leaves, moss and fern.
  2. skeeve's Avatar
    Yes, I was think about throwing an urukhai or two but after I died fitted o=
    ne it became apparent that it doesn't really work. The pose of Boromir is very compact while whatever dead urukhai I could put will be very spread
    out. Visually it looks much bigger and disproportionate. So, I dropped the idea.
    About the base: 1) Leaves came from
    2) Moss is a combination of several fine grade modeling flocks(three different colors) - they are sold by many different vendors, mine came from Woodland scenic that I purchased locally
    3) Fern is a brass-etched "plant" that I buy from Hasselfree Miniatures but=
    I am sure that they are not making them. Again there are several vendors/manufacturers online, look for "brass-etched" plants.
  3. Observer's Avatar
    Thanks for the answer! I`ll try to find something

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