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OK, this post is completly off topic, But this is my guitar, and i need to know who the manufacturer is. All i can go by as the metal plate on the back saying Made in Japan.



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  1. Talesin's Avatar
    There were several japanese companies in the 1960's that made copies of American guitars. This looks like one of them!
    I see there is no symbol or name on the headstock, is there possibly a tag or inscription visible through the F-holes in the body?
    It's almost impossible to determine otherwise.
  2. Beelzebrush's Avatar
    Aria make semi-acoustic guitars. Other Japan makers I can think of off the top of my head are - Tokai, Burny & Fernandes, Greco, Edwards, Orville but I would think it would say on the headstock. You could try the tokai forum, they're a clever bunch over there!
  3. Jamaica Slim's Avatar
    Thanks guys.

    Nope, no tags or inscriptions visible. She's like any woman - a mysteri.

    I'll check the forum! Thanks a million.

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