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Piotr Goodenough

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Ok now for a model which i have been meaning to paint for a while. I got him at Salute09 and it's an awesome sculpt and the quality is good. I had alot of fun working on this guy. I think i might need a bit more work to clean up bits but in general im happy with this guy. Comments and crits always welcome.

 Piotr Goodenough

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Painting and Modelling , Smartmax


  1. blackfly's Avatar
    very neat sculpt! who is the sculptor/manufacturer?

    The sign board is really nicely done and is very convincing. The browns on his suit look well done as well, though a bit hard to get a good idea at this size photo.

    Neat piece. :)
  2. Arctica's Avatar
    Check out www.smartmaxblog.com a french company which is all resin models.
    The model is from the smog1888 range, they have very good models and a very distinctive style which is a nice fresh taster.

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