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Where it all began.

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Actually, it all began with painting green plastic army men with my Testors model paints. Then the viking game pieces from Crossbows and Catapults. Then I bought the 30 MK7 marines box. Thats where this whole thing really started for me. I had some craft paints, and after paging through a friend's copy of Rogue Trader I decided the dark angels looked cool. A trip down to the basement turned up the pieces; I had to glue him back together for this shot:

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  1. No Such Agency's Avatar
    That's not quite where I started painting minis, but at the time it was a big extravagance that I saved up for... and have never regretted buying! I still have sprues from that box that I use for bitz occasionally! (An added bonus was that the plastic was easy to convert, and I didn't know what Space Marines were "supposed" to be like, so many fun conversions ensued.)

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