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Mniature :)

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For the last three weeks I didn't paint anything at all, my work got into that phase where I had to spend all available time between writing and training our summer student (this is separate piece of work but I'd rather not go there to avoid early Ulcer .

Around 4th of July I figured that mind is a terrible thing to lose and if I have to write something I can as well do it in a more calm environment then NYC, so I went upstate and spend two days there pretending to be writing (did too, really really). Here is some pictures taken on that trip. Alas , not by me but still, I will post'em

The Valley. No idea where it is exactly - about an hour and a half to the north of Albany. This is on the top of the cliff that drops down for a 100 meters of so. Really didn't expect it when I got there.

When we got down there was a small town, village really, with a beautiful art shop. This is a sculpture in front of it


 Copper oxidation. Anybody needs a reference picture?

A close up of the same. I really liked colors on that things, so my friend who had a camera took several pictures for me

and from the other side

The salvation of thirsty. This is how Americans stored their Coca-cola around the time of Revolutionary wars


 MNIATURE! Enough said

The firework in Albany on the 4th of July.


 and more





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