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Blight Drone WIP

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I started to work on the blight drone and I hope that it will not be another year-long project. Fortunately at the moment I have no painting commitments and as usually I am willing to experiment. 


Here, I figured that I don't want to make carapace traditionally nurgly pale green but rather try an unadorned and seriously corroded copper or bronze. Both have the same patter of corrosion, although copper is more spectacular. In my later entries I might post sort of tutorial of how it was done. The idea, as it often happens came from my son who, after looking at this mini googled some underwater images if the Titanic and said that he wanted it to be painted "just like this".

Now, guys, after finishing with eye candies I'd like to rant just a bit. Despite still unresolved blogging issues (Logging still requires removal of all cookies, offending redirection hasn't been addressed either ) I will give it a shot. I will give it a month. If these issues remain unresolved this probably will be my parting shot. I will post a tutorial on the carapace but that will be it. I do realize that the site is maintained and supported completely on a voluntary basis and blogs are just the very minor part of this whole operation. However, I see no reason to invent a workaround over workaround to make things that are not needed work. After all there are dozens of blog-hosting services out there.

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