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Blight Drone - painting rust

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1) Prime white
2) Several layers of very dilute GW tin bits until you get solid coverage
3) Then the frontal portion and sharp edges were picked up with VMC copper, blended into tin bits by series of metallic “washes” with either VMC copper or GW tin bits to get a smooth transition. Those who don’t have VMC Copper can use GW dwarf bronze.
4) At this point the “basecoat” is done. To make it less shiny I glazed everything with VMC Smoke diluted ~ 1:3.
Now this is where it gets complicated and more interesting. If you look at images of oxidized copper you would notice that on a generally brown background you have essentially all possible colors – shades of brown, greens, blues, yellows, oranges and reds.


Also you probably see that pattern is almost (but not quite) random. So, I will have to break the rest of this tutorial on color subsection, and show on the drone image just where these colors were applied.

5) Rust: This is my standard trio: MIG old rust then MIG  standard rust, followed by several layers of very dilute bubonic brown or VMC Flat yellow  to indicate the most affected area. Now, after I did this I gave all rusted part a wash of VMC flat red diluted 1:5. Certain edges after this were glazed with several layers of VMC deep yellow diluted 1:5
In some places I glazed with several layers of very dilute VMC Flat red, and Reaper Master Burgundy

6) Green-blues. All green blue is a blended progression from GW Hawk Turquoise, through 1:1 mix of GW Hawk Turquoise:VMC Park Green, to 1:1 VMC Park Green:GW  Camo green. The later mix was lightened up by adding GW bleach bone (along with Grave yard earth it  is one of the best and most universal desaturators, much better then skull white). On the darker side this was shaded by P3 Coal Black, on a lighter side highlighted by pure GW bleached bone

P3 is a paint from the Privateer press. The name is misleading - this paint is not really “black”. With GW you can get this paint by mixing Chaos Black and Hawk Turquoise approximately 2:1. I used to use this mix as almost a universal cold shade. Now I don’t have to mix this thing anymore.

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