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Been a Bit

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Been a bit since my last visit here to the land of the blog.  Not much going on except work.  Apparently the number of clueless cell phone owning asshats quintupled while I was over learning to enjoy sand in every available opening on my body.

Yes, I work tech support.  And yes if you are calling tech support we probably hate you just as much as you hate us.  We do understand that you have bought a piece of equipment that you have no clue on how to operate, but feel you somehow have to make yourself feel better by getting upset at the guy who is trying to help you.  This is not in your best interest however - piss off the guy who is trying to fix your phone and you are liable to find that your only option is to reset the phone - even if it isnt.

Thing is I work for a cell phone manufacturer.  I've done support for one other cell phone manufacturer and have owned phones made by the other two top cell phone manufacturers in the world - so telling me what someone else's support or warrenty boundries are just makes me want to laugh.  Telling me that you are going to take your phone back to the service provider and then get a different manufacturers phone is not going to make me go beyond the terms of the warrenty to give you what you want.  Insulting my intellegence or calling me names because I wont give you what you want is only going to get a reiteration of what I have already explained before - we cant do what you want.  Talking to my supervisor is only going to get you the same answer - we will follow the terms of the warrenty, but you will not get special treatment.  And if I tell you that we don't support some feature that is part of the service provider's package, crying at me is not going to change that fact. 


I wouldn't say I'm bitter - not in the least.

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