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Space Hulk - Brother Goriel

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Ok, This is my first ever painted space marine. Surprisingly this model was rather difficult for me for a number of reasons. 1) I never painted space marines before, I am not familiar with SMs heraldry, insignias, mythology and background. So a number of details was not really obvious how to paint. THis guy is a concoction of various blood angels I found here, on coolminiornot and various (often conflicting) advises ofered by my local people.

2) I have major problem painting red. This is not my color; I have very few (actually I have ONE) miniatures painted with this color and had to repaint this one several times even to achieve this level. In the end Bohun pointed out his tutorial on painting red corsairs.

I tried to incorporate some of his ideas, but by that time most damage was done already. I will try the rest of the squad following this tutorial.

In addition to all this it turned out that taking pictures of red miniatures is problematic as well. I don't know why. May be I have too much "red" in my light source but it feels like the miniature suddenly looses all contrast no mater what I do. I know that generally have issues with contrast so I forced my self to go for as wide range between shadows/highlights as possible and yet on the photograph it is all gone and the mini looks very flat.


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