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Long Island Historical Miniature Collectors Society Show 2009

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This is my first time participating in this particular event and first time ever participating in Show and competition that involved mainly historic miniature painters.

In the end I have mixed feelings about this event but first thing first.

The event took place in the Freeport community centers on the Long Island, which is about 30 minutes drive from my house… anywhere closer and it would be in my living room; so this was a big plus. The two main parts of the event – vendors show and Miniature Show/competition  were separated into dedicated rooms.

The vendor show included probably about 50 different vendors selling everything from … well… miniatures to terrain, ground material, magazines, books, paints, decals, various kits from major and minor model manufacturers and painted miniatures.  Competition/miniature show occupied a smaller room across the hall.

Now, without belaboring too much..


1) Many vendors selling things that you would not normally find “locally”. I got myself a bust from Andrea and JMD.

2) Large selection painted miniatures of highest quality for sale. This was the first time I saw up close Russian miniatures from “Russkij Vitiaz’” and Sanct-Petersburg collection. I spend literally couple of hours studying these miniatures. From educational point of view it was a unique experience. Very inspirational. In fact the moment I have a chance I will try some of techniques I have gleaned.

3) Brightly lit exhibition area with no dirty plexiglass between viewers and miniatures

4) Very high level of painting, large variety of styles and large number on entries not only from NYC area but from around the country and from abroad. Arguably, at least according to my son, the total number of entries was bigger then in Baltimore Games Day 2009

5) Painting style and presentation are very different from what I used to with our pseudo-gaming miniatures. To tell you the truth, I like theirs better. Without gaming base constrain you can do many different things to improve overall outlook of the mini. In that respect presentation of my entries was clearly lacking.


Organization was lacking. This was the biggest difference between a corporate (or multicorporate) sponsored event and a club-sponsored one.

1) There were no printed rules for competition ever anywhere. If you attend club meetings, I suppose, you know them if you came from outside – you don’t. Category descriptions were sketchy, and even now I am not sure how things were judged. I suppose, the breakdown is typical for historic miniature competition but, again how am I supposed to know that? The most important annoyance for me was the fact that you can make multiple entries in single category – a fact that  a) is not immediately intuitive b) has never being mentioned anywhere on their web page

There were four categories based on your painting level – novice, junior, standard and master but  en entrant was supposed to self-assign competition level. This is rather foreign idea for me. How am I supposed to know where to put myself? Ok, I am not novice (because I am not) and not junior (because I am old) but between other two I couldn’t quite figure out the difference in painting levels to tell you the truth. So that part seemed pretty random.

On the top of this there were thematic categories such as “sci-fi and horror”, “30 mm” “dioramas” and so on. Now, let’s say I am entering into thematic category “Sci-Fi” as “master” will it be judged as “master” or “sci-fi” or both? So, yeah that part was rather confusing.

2) This is supposedly a 29th show and yet local people seemed to be unsure of procedures. I asked three different people about the time we can take down miniatures and I got three different times, none of which has been met. Eventually my kids wear me down and I left without waiting for results. Zach Lanier who was there as well was more patient and he said that I even won something.

3) All of the above could be easily solved if they posted somewhere a two-page rules for the competition and judging procedure or at least answered e-mails (they didn’t I tried


Despite all shortcomings this was very interesting show and the level of presented miniatures was quite high. I will definitely attend the show next year. Couple of things that I will and will not do next year

1) The show starts at 9 am. I WILL NOT come at 9, no way, no how. 11am is totally fine, possibly even 11:30

2) I will not take kids next year with me. They have no patience and became bored to easily

3) I will not limit the number of entries – there is no point to it.

4) I will make sure that I have several hundred spare dollars so I can actually buy some of the painted stuffJ.

5) I will bring camera with me.

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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    See that's the thing. When it happened I wasn't there. I took Eldar avatar and Grumlok with me. Zach, on the other hand took 6 or 7 minis with him.

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