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Longbeards - Finished.

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I'm finally finished with my first unit from the Dwarf batallion, the Longbeards. I'm pretty satisified with the result. The NMM has been simlplified to speed up the painting process, I still think it looks ok though.

One dwarf is missing, for various reasons. I still haven't painted the musicians drum, I'll paint that when I paint the next regiment with a drummer for musician.

Here's the finished result Feel free to comment, all criticism is more than welcome.




Now I've started on the runelord. Going to push it as hard as I can, just to see were I'm at painting-skill-wise

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  1. Observer's Avatar
    Very skilful work. NMM looks very well as a natural steel, silver or gold, maybe exept the golden braselets. The gradient between orange and white on them is too sharp. But that's my opinion. Waiting for your Runelord ;)
  2. pate's Avatar
    Thanks:) Yeah, I totally agree. I just can't ber arsed to fix it, not at the moment atleast:P They were painted using a rather shitty brush and it was about as much I could achive with it, and it was among the first that I acutally painted. I might freshen it up a bit another day, it will do for now:D
  3. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    Lovely NMM on the staff. Something I noticed though is that the blonde (but not the grey) beards look a little odd, possibly because the shading on them is very subtle. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say white undercoat?
  4. pate's Avatar
    They're both painted with white undercoat:) The reason for them looking different is becuase I did not apply any wash in the process. I was just starting out and wanted two types of beards, unfortunately the blonde didn't turn out as convincing as the grey:)

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