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Runelord - It begins.

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I've started out on my Runelord. As mentioned in previous notes it's intended to be a notch above my regular dwarfs, emphasis on Intended. Wether or not it's the case once I'm done remains to be seen

Here's what I've got so far.


I'm sort of happy with what I've got so far. Since it's wip there's going to be a lot of going back and forth tweaking already painted areas. I think the bronze is turning out a bit too yellowish. I can see some stuff that needs fixing some highlights doesn't make sense, while there are some places where highlights should be but they're abscent

Anywho, the journey has begun! I've got plans to make a display-base for this guy aswell. Started some sketching, I aint got no scanner though so it'll never make it into the blog, except as the finished base that is I can't actually start working on it though until I get the green stuff and sculpting tools I ordered. Well, I can... But I wont:P

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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    I would try a very dilute red wash. If you have GW baal red I would dilute it probably 1:3 and was everything lightly to shift it to more red/orange
  2. pate's Avatar
    That's great advice. I'm currently the proud owner of not one, but Two washes! GW's badab black and vallejo's flesh ink:) I think I'll keep them the shade their at atm, atleast until I finished the head of the hammer.

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