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Big Shoota Updated

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I've finally gotten around to a reworking of my Big Shoota website. Redesigned to get you to want you want faster! I also have all new photos of my Ork Army, Red Jacks Waaagh!

You see, i work at an ad agency and we've got a really nice camera, a Canon EOS 5D with a nice 28-135mm lens. We've also got a couple of lights with softboxes. I took them home finally and did whole days photoshoot of my army for the Big Shoota site and here at CMON. I tell ya, the difference between an alright camera (like mine at home) and a great camera is day and night as as far as picture quality. I think the photography alone has brought my scores up nearly a whole point.

So if ya got the time, truck on over and take a look - let me know what you guys think! Beware, site is image intense...


Happy Painting for Everyone!

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