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Finally! Done!

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I've finally finished this wee geezer. It took me near forever though!


I got stuck on the NMM, the staff head, and I've probably spent 3 times as much on that small part than all of the other parts of the mini put together, no kidding. Hours upon hours... But once I got happy with it I'd worked out a method that suits me and gives me a result I'm sort of happy with. Still lots of progress to be made and learning to be done, but atleast the train is rolling!

Feel free to vote

Next I'll be taking a break from Dwarfs and start working on my eldar warhost. First up is a Falcon. A friend was kind enough to give it to me in exchange for a pizza, best 80 SEK ever spent.

He was quite young when he painted it though so the layers of paint are really thick and you can really see the brush strokes. Even though I primed it all with black. Going to have to find a way to remove the paint to bare plastic. Suggestions welcome! (If you know of a way, please describe the product in words than just its name. Since I'm swedish it's otherwise more than likely that I wont have a clue what to get:P Unless it's sold under the same name here).

What's totally awesome though is that it hasn't been glued together at all, which is quite remarkable considering how long he's had it for.

The rest of my warhost currently consists of 10 guardians with a weapons platform, 8 storm guardians (why the hell aren't these sold in packs of 10? Considering that 10 guardians is the smalles sized unit allowed), 5 Dire Avengers, 1 War Walker, 1 Wave Serpent, 1 Far Seer and the Falcon. The Falcon is currently the only item currently in my posession, the other stuff is being thrown around by european postmen while making it's way toward my door

Happy New Year!

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  1. pate's Avatar
    Hey, thanks:)

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