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Space Hulk - Brother Deino

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I finally finished this guy. I have almost no time lately. May be after they fire me I will start painting full time but it hasn't happen yet.


Anyway, I still have issues with taking pictures of red minies, but thanks to Dragonsreach and Spacemunkie I think I am getting better. I made some changes compared to my previous space hulk guy. For example, I ditched all white heraldry in favor of NMM gold and I replaced purple gems by blue. Since this guy is a renowned sharpshooter I figured that his bolter will have special brass casing instead of regular red one. Personally I like him better that my first space marine


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  1. supervike's Avatar
    That is fantastic Skeeve! Just love it. Almost inspires me to paint my own, but I know I'll just be disappointed. Well done!

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