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Still not dead (yet)

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It's funny how often I make posts of this nature, but no worries boys and girls I'm still around :-)

Haven't been doing too much painting lately, or gaming for that matter. I'm working (slowly) on my classic Dwarf army, trying to get them all build and primed so I don't feel like quite as much of a hobo when I play small games with them. The current list involves about 2x10 Quarrellers, 20 Ironbreakers, and a smattering of war machines and small support units.

I'm currently still trying to get my hands on some more old school Hammerers and Longbeards, these guys are gorgeous but really hard to get in reasonable numbers. I missed a few really solid auctions on eBay for Hammerers and Thunderers, including a super-rare unit champ that I've been lusting over for a long time. I just completely forgot when the auction ended and missed it by a couple hours :-(

Anyway I'll be posting some progress shots of the army I'm sure, 5 of them are done or nearly done and plenty more ready to get started. The Ironbreakers should paint up FAST since they're literally all metal except for the axe handles and faces. Feel free to give me a good kick in the pants once in a while if I'm slacking off!

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