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Death Guard

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I've invested quite a bit in Nurgle CSM and it's coming a long smoothly. Here's what I've done so far.

The Plague Marines are only about half done. I think they're ok to game with so I'll paint the entire army to this standard before completing them. I figured I rather have one army paintad with half finished minature than half the army unpainted





The Rhino is to be equipped with a Havoc Launcer. It's mostly done, the metal needs some more work and the lights obviously does. I'm also going to spiff it up a bit with rust weathering from MIG, once it arrives.

Right now I'm painting on a Death Guard dread from Forgeworld. Aint got no pictures of the progress yet though.

I hope you like it

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  1. Chern Ann's Avatar
    Doesn't look half painted at all. Above tabletop decent, well done.
  2. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    I really like the figures, they look all set to go. From tabletop distance, they'll look absolutely amazing! I particularly like (and want to steal) the bone shoulder pad there, with the ribs and spine. Is that a green-stuff sculpt or is it an actual model (that I could buy)?

    The tank isn't painted to quite as high a standard as the marines, but then you did say you were halfway through. Weathering powders were made for tanks. Forgeworld have recently brought out their own line for decent prices and released a fairly cool pdf on the uses of them. It's well worth a look if you don't know the full range of effects that they can achieve (if you do, my most humble apologies ;) ).
  3. pate's Avatar
    Thanks guys:) I did actually know about the FW weathering. I already ordered from MIG though:) Apology accepted!;P The Bone shoulderpad comes with the GW Plague Marines Box.

    I'm very inexperinced when it comes to vecihles, so I haven't really established a method nor standards for what I think works and doesn't. But as previously stated, there's more work to be done^^

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